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Magazines change

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Ritratto di Leonardo
Iscritto: 19 Giu 2008

So, it seems the Magazine really needs a push to work.

Lunanne and I have talked a bit and we emailed Theremin who agrees too: the Magazine must change and start to accept different kinds of articles, e.g. Q/A Format Interviews, more not-out-of-time articles, etc.

So, we thought to have a last Issue under the name of Go!. A shorter issue with just some articles and the announcement of a new magazine starting, with a new name and new content. The content that will be published is the Ryan Interview (if the can get it completed), Simon's Article (got it from email) and another article we got in these days by email. And maybe an article about architecture by Lunanne.

All the other material we have will go to the new magazine, and we have to find a new name for it.

We will also have a more rigid timeline for it, so it doesn't take 6 months to publish one issue. And Theremin and Lunanne will swap their positions, Lunanne will be responsible for the new Magazine; Theremin will be very busy in RL so he will be an editor for the articles.

I'd like to have all your input about this change.

We are trying to publish the last issue very quickly, since the content is almost finished (only Ryan Interview missing?), read: early in September (!!!). And we will start assembling the new magazine right away, since we already have a lot of material for it.

Ritratto di Szark
Magazine moderatorMagazine teamMessenger
Iscritto: 12 Gen 2008

This doesn't surprise me at all. I wish you all the best of luck with the new mag in what ever form it takes.

Iscritto: 29 Mar 2009

I agree with Szark. It's not surprising and the changes you intend to make will surely make it a little livelier. But that's just my opinion.

I've started discussing future article themes with Luna. You can count me in :)